Cyber Exams on the move for iOS and Android

Cyber Exams App for iOS and Android devices

mCyberExams Practice Cyber exams App
mCyberExams is The School of Flight’s solution for Cyber Exams practice on the move. With access to a question bank of more than 25,000 questions mCyberExams is the must have way to prepare for the real CASA exams.

Theory Subjects

The mCyberExams App gives you access to practice question banks for the following subjects:

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
  • Private Pilot Licence Aeroplanes (PPLA)
  • Human Factors (CHUF)
  • Meteorology (CMET)
  • Navigation (CNAV)
  • Aerodynamics – Aeroplanes (CADA)
  • Aircraft General Knowledge – Aeroplanes (CSYA)
  • Flight Rules and Air Law – Aeroplanes (CLWA)
  • Operations Performance and Flight Planning – Aeroplanes (CFPA)
  • Instrument Rating Exam (IREX)
  • Flight Instructor Grade 1 (AFR1)

Learning Mode and Practice Exam Mode

mCyberExams gives you two ways to prepare for the real CASA Cyber Exam. In ‘learning mode’ once you have choosen you topic the delivers questions from the extensive question bank in random order. You select your response and then the correct answer is shown. Many questions include references and detailed explanations of how the answer is calculated.

In practice exam mode you select the subject area of interest and the same number of questions as in the real CASA Cyber Exams are delivered to you. The practice exam is timed so you have the same time pressure as in the real exam. Once all of the questions have been answered you can submit your responses for grading.

Try before you buy

mCyberExams allows you to try before you buy. The free app allows you to use a small sample of the full question bank for free. If you like what you see then you can purchase access to the full subject question bank from within the app. You are able to purchase single subjects, multiple subjects in a group (PPL, CPL, ATPL) or the entire question bank at a greatly discounted rate as compared to purchasing all of the individual subject areas seperately.


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