Can I Fly There?

The School of Flight is currently developing  ‘Can I Fly There’, a killer app for Australian drone operators.

The ‘Can I Fly There?’ App is a flight planning tool that brings airspace, weather, topographical and No Fly Zone information together in one easy to use interface. Users can customise the app to suit the operating rule set that they are flying to i.e. Hobbyist, Excluded Category, or ReOC holder.


A common question from drone owners is “Can I fly my drone here?” or “Can I fly my drone there?” The ‘Can I Fly There?’ app will bring together all of the elements of flight preparation and planning to drone pilots and operators  with a rich feature list including:

  • Native cross platform access to user data from iOS, Android and Windows
  • Job planning including contact management, task authorisation, Job Safety Assessment
  • Radio frequency determination
  • Airspace, aerodrome, helicopter landing site, authorised landing area and NFZ overlayed mapping
  • Pre and post flight checklists
  • Organisational policy and procedures
  • Aircraft logbooks
  • Maintenance Recording
  • Battery logs

More information coming soon!